We Tell
Your Story

Beautiful, Personal,
Wedding Films

We Tell
Your Story

Beautiful, Personal,
Wedding Films


The 2022 Wedding Industry Awards

The 2022 Wedding Industry Awards

“We can’t believe how amazing, how personal the film is. You’ve wildly exceeded our expectations.”
“I cried all night! We LOVE the films, the memories we take away from you are incredible! Thank you so much. ”

"When you tell a story, you spark
a connection."

Weddings are one of life’s big celebrations, they bring together everyone you love for one major event and they’re one of the most memorable days you’ll ever have. Weddings are a joyous, emotion filled moment in your life that you’ll never want to end.

We capture the fun, the joy, the celebrations, all the magic moments that happen at every single wedding and we create a film that you’ll watch time and time again as it takes you back to one of the best moments of your life.

A great story is what captivates, excites and connects us with films. We aim to create a wedding film that tells your story. We want you to build anticipation and excitement so you can experience the rich emotions and feelings of joy,all over again, every time your watch your film. We craft our films using classic cinematography and editing techniques to create beautiful, unique and engaging wedding films.

For every commission we take we follow three key principles:

We Tell Your Story

To create your film we learn about you, your plans, your hopes, everything about your wedding day and we feature all the important details to create a wedding film with your story at its heart.

We Make It Personal

Every single couple is unique and we create films that reflect your wedding. We don’t have a set approach to each film, we create your story around what happens during your wedding. Your film will be about those who matter the most in your life, it’ll be influenced by the look, sounds and the feel of your wedding and it will reflect you as a couple.

We Are Discreet

We film in a low key, subtle style with small unobtrusive equipment, minimal distraction and very limited intervention on your wedding day. We want you to create a natural film, a true story of your day so we don’t create or influence moments, we have a subtle approach which blends into the background.

Cheshire Wedding Videographer James Tracey

Cheshire Wedding Videographer James Tracey is passionate about creating films that tell your story, creating cinematic films that will stand the test of time. James films weddings and events all around the United Kingdom alongside international destination weddings. He is highly experienced in the world of weddings having started his career as a highly respected, multi award winning Manchester wedding photographer

With over 350 weddings worth of experience, James has travelled all over the world to film weddings and has been trusted to shoot the most important day for TV personalities, sports stars and celebrities. With a long standing passion for story-telling though film, James has rapidly become one of the most sought after wedding film makers in the country.

To maintain the high quality and personalised elements to his films, James takes a limited number of film commissions per year. This ensures that he can dedicate the attention to detail to create a unique, personal film for each couple.

James’ wedding film options start with coverage from the preparation all the way through the wedding event to the party, including multi day events and international weddings. Your will receive your full service and speeches alongside options for trailers, highlights and feature films.

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