Eaves Hall Micro Wedding | Danielle + Ben

This could well be the final film I create in 2020. Danielle and Ben’s micro wedding at Eaves Hall took place before further restrictions came into force around the country. Weddings were allowed with fifteen guests and a small reception was permitted. Danielle and Ben had planned for a normal sized wedding, they then adapted to thirty guests before the restrictions changed again and only allowed fifteen guests. Undeterred they continued with their plans and were rewarded with wonderful weather and a fantastic micro wedding with their most important friends and family.

With both Danielle and Ben getting ready at Eaves Hall it was straight forward to cover both sets of preparations before their service. Services are restricted to just the legalities at the moment and movement is restricted during the service, so I had to use a couple of static cameras setup in advance of the wedding.  Considering the restrictions in place, I am delighted with how ‘normal’ the film feels. I’d even go as far to say that you’d have to look quite hard to know this was a wedding held with COVID19 safety restrictions, so I am delighted with the film.

As I write this I don’t know if this will be my final wedding of 2020, if it is then it was a wonderful way to sign off this year. The news about a vaccine for COVID19 is out and hopefully this is the light at the end of the tunnel beaming a little brighter and hopefully we can start to look towards restriction free weddings sooner than it was looking a week or so ago. let’s all keep our fingers crossed. It looks like restrictions around weddings will remain for a little while yet and many people are considering a micro wedding. Danielle and Ben’s micro wedding at Eaves Hall shows that creating a film is still absolutely possible even with the constraints placed upon venues, registrars and myself.

It was a pleasure to work alongside Jules Fortune Photography on Danielle and Ben’s wedding day at Eaves Hall. If you are planning an Eaves Hall micro wedding and are looking for a wedding videographer and you’d like more information on film options and pricing please get in touch here.

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